I’ll solve all your regrets

Are you regretting that thing you did last summer? Oh yeah we all remember don’t think we would forget that quickly. Now that another summer is upon us you are rehashing what in the world were you thinking. When you chopped your long locks off for that short ‘do. We remember vividly how much sass and attitude it gave you, freeing you from the weight on your shoulders.

But now you have regrets huh? I’m here for you. Just like I was last summer. Now I’m here to hold your hand in the other direction, the direction of length. At a rate of a half inch a month you’re approximately to the irritating length in your haircut ready to grow it long.

I have a seamless flawless technique of adding enough length to your style without making it look fake or unrealistic. Bridging the gap into your long flowing summer hair. So you’ll get over that feeling of regret of taking the daring chance that you did last summer.

My own hair gets shaved periodically and there’s no way I would fix my own into a long glowing style and not transition yours. So now that you’ve accepted that there is a non-damaging solution let’s talk how. Tape extensions are my favorite way to add the length and thickness that you’ve been missing without the feel of heavy fake tresses all around you.

Let me know your goal and I’ll bring you there at a speed that’s faster than light or hair growth. With all of the integrity of your hair intact.
Meg B White Salon
Atlanta GA


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