Parting ways


port 1

Parting ways doesn’t have to be saddening. Parting ways can be liberating, volumizing, and give you a new perspective on an old face. When you are parting ways on your scalp that is. CHANGE YOUR PART.

Changing up your part can have the same effect as new makeup, a fresh blow-out, or a face lift in some cases. Why I say a face lift is because there is a tale that says you should always part your hair over your highest arched eyebrow. Is that where your natural part resides? Go ahead and look in the mirror, ill wait right here for you to figure that out. So are you falling in line with this rule. Now I know we all like to break the rules, and that makes us individuals. Don’t freak out if you’re not accentuating your best brow, that just means there is room for improvement. Or maybe you part in the middle. Add some sultry spice by exposing one eye and hiding the other.

Now that you’re parting ways you want it to stay right? Nobody wants to be messing with their bangs all day or night. So start with damp hair and select your new alias and add a little spritz, spray, moose, or gel and go ahead and blow dry right side up with a brush pulling your tresses in the right direction. Voilà. If your hair seems a little hesitant still grab a large front chunk and tease the bottom of it just ever so slightly then lay the hair back down. Nobody will see the teasing underneath.

As you can see by simply parting ways you’re embarking on a whole new adventure. No professional such as myself required. And no risks involved. Part on baby, part on!!!





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