Think pink

Have you ever gazed at celebrity hair in STYLE magazine and wish that your own life could support such wild hair color changes like the stars? I do all the time. Every time there is a new head of mermaid color I’m convinced its for me too. Even though I am more able to change my hair that often its still a big step.

That leads me to my tip of the day: Think pink. Just the tip of my hair tip. If your hair is on the lighter side of blondes a nice light powder pastel pink will blend nicely but stand out just vividly enough. From far away a pastel shade in blonde hair appears to be nothing more than a different shade of blonde. But when within 6 feet the color comes pouring into vision. Who wouldn’t love a mood changing hair color only to be shown when commanded? I do.

Respectively on the Brunette side of the spectrum a deep blue or violet or a combination is the key to your fun. When inside (office, church, grandmas house) your color will seem rich and shiny brunette. When in the sun or in a selfie , it will appear suddenly to the naked eye. Voilà all of your conservative color worries will be behind you this summer. port 15


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